Speed Distortion Effect

What it does

Speed Distortion Effect is a scaling effect to increase the sense of speed and polish in your project, . The package scales any object in the direction of travel, based on the speed. Poisson's ratio is also included to add a more realistic deformation mode to moving objects. Easily control every aspect of the effect, including the way the scale interpolates, to create a custom feel.

How to use:

Simply drag the main script (SpeedDistortion.cs) onto the object you want the affect on. The script will add a Rigidbody2D if one is not present, and will create the parent gameobject required to achieve this affect at runtime, if one if not present.



Inspector Reference:

  • Speed Controls: Speed at which maximum and minimum scale is met.
  • Scale Control:
    • Local Scale : Apply any local scaling here
    • Minimum Scale and Interpolation Curve controls the feel of the effect.
    • Possion's Ratio: Ratio of perpendicular scaling
  • Debug velocity direction

Fountain Demo:

Demo showing effect in use. Includes simple object pool. Toggle button to activate and deactivate the effect.


  • Scale object in direction of travel
  • Increases sense of speed for physics objects
  • Add polish to your project
  • Completely customise effect