Arcade Flight Controller

What it does

A 3D fast arcade-feeling flight controller . Flight controller uses PI controllers to add responsive and tight controls to any aircraft with every aspect controllable, up to and including how gravity accelerates and decelerates the craft on descent and ascent respectively. Using a PI controller to provide precise control over the rigidbody of the craft allows for interaction with trigger and collision events easily without using complex physics simulations.

Demo Scene included with package:

Test the flight controller here (Web Player). Includes audio manager with pitch shifting.


Inspector Reference

Package includes a custom inspector to aid in easily customising the behaviour of the aircraft. Each parameter has a tooltip explaining in more detail how it effects the aircraft.


  • Simple aircraft controller
  • Arcade-like feel
  • PI-Controlled Rigidbody
  • Included mouse input
  • Included audio pitch shifter based on velocity